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Diverse Festival 2014

A fresh rebrand for the For Deakins Annual D-Festival. With lack of funding available, we wanted to create a new Identity that had a stand out personality. This was achieved through the use of a bold colour scheme and image treatment together with realistic displays of each Creatives Arts discipline.


Building the Brand
On the upcoming days to the festival, all friends and families were invited to join the Facebook group devoted entirely to presenting vital information on the festival, as well as given the audience opportunities to take part in a daily competition to win free tickets to the Drama performances.


The Program
All who attended the Diverse Festival were provided with a program, entailing in-depth detailing of the festival, all work on display together with performances dates and times. The program was displayed in a consistent manner to the posters and created a bold branding for the Festival being praised by many.


Consistency is the Key
Consistency throughout the brand was utilised, through hand gestures representing wayfinding systems, the invitation being handheld and together with the main identity of the festival, the posters having hands and arm gestures to represent each discipline. Colours also play a major roll in the branding of the festival, ensuring a bright, enthusiastic display of the collaborative artwork of Deakin’s Creative Arts students of 2014.