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Logo and branding redesign for The Donor Project

Ever redesigned your own work?

That’s what we’re doing for @drmirandamyles with @thedonorproject

Miranda is one of our longest-standing clients: we designed the original Donor Project logo 5 years ago 😮 and now we’re back to rebrand it!

The Donor Project is a 12-week, 3-phase program to prepare your mind and body for your egg donor journey, and was inspired by Miranda’s own experience with the topic 🍼

Fun fact: the logo for the Donor Project and the logo for @thefertile_project – Miranda’s fertility clinic – were designed to represent the IVF fertility journey!

The overlapping shape of the D and O in the Donor Project logo represents the early stages of the embryo: what would be developing while clients were going through the 12-week Donor Project program 🍼 The collection of overlapping shapes that make up The Fertile Project’s logo represent the growing number of embryo’s, and the next stage in the fertility journey clients would experience at The Fertile Project’s clinic 👶🏼