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Rebranding for My Schedule Studio

Sometimes, love at first sight is not quite what it seems. 🥀 That was the case for our client @myschedulestudio, who fell out of love with their original branding. In order for the new branding to align, further workshopping and brand analysis needed to happen. Here’s where we come in!

We got to work helping @myschedulestudio blossom into a more polished look, after spending a bit more time deep-diving into who the brand was for, what it means to it’s audience as well as the feeling and sentiment behind the brand.

Our signature Notorious Brand.I.G Package makes defining a clear branding strategy simple and straightforward, so if you’re stuck on aesthetics (or want to break up with your current look) just tap that link in our bio and we’ll come to your rescue. Just call us Queen Charming. 👑